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PT Central LLC offers personalized home health care based on a complete evaluation of a patient and discussion with their families.  With over 50 years of combined experience, we provide effective occupational and physical therapy services to patients seeking rehabilitation and recovery from emotional and/or physical disabilities.

Our Difference

— Services given are approved by a patient’s doctor, as we work closely with their home health agency for guaranteed results and patient safety.

— PT Central makes and submits a progress report in full details and offers recommendations on additional treatment approaches that could help in the patient’s speedier recovery.

— Personalized treatment and therapy approach is based on a proven system of evaluation for a patient’s complete and fast rehabilitation.

— PT Central staff are certified, licensed and trained with continuing education, upgraded skills and knowledge of the latest trends in occupational and physical therapy. 

Our Services

Physical Therapy: A branch of medicine dealing with the evaluation and treatment of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, it is composed of a wide range of treatment approaches, including but not are limited to


— Endurance and strength training

— Balance and coordination training

— Neurological training/retraining

— Ambulation and mobility training


Physical agents:

— Cold and heat therapy

— Electrical stimulation

— Ultrasound


Conditions for PT

— Cardiac

— Gait deficits

— Orthopedic

— Sub-acute and acute CVA

Occupational therapy: A treatment approach designed for people with immobility and movement related problems, it uses creative and productive activities as rehabilitation and treatment approach for emotionally and physically disabled patients.


Conditions for OT

— Grooming difficulties, including hair & hand washing as well as shaving & oral care problems

— Dressing up difficulty

— Bathing or toileting difficulty


How We Work

  1. A licensed therapist performs a comprehensive patient evaluation before outlining a specific treatment course.
  2. If necessary, our therapist will refer a patient through his family to other disciplines, including speech therapy, occupational therapy and social work services.
  3. Recommendations are made for a patient requiring adaptive equipment, including but is not limited to grab bars, cane, wheelchair or walker, among others, if Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is necessary.
  4. An assigned therapist gives a patient and his family a time to discuss treatment options, with his comfort and relief in mind, based on his specific limitation and pain.


PT Central ensures that every patient and his family are given immediate and personalized guidance, leading them into the right direction for speedy and complete rehabilitation.

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