About PT Central


PT Central Home Health Therapy Services is a private and locally owned family managed business.  Which is contracted for occupational and physical therapy services, all within a home health setting.

With over 50 years of combined experience, we offer effective and personalized physical therapy, occupational therapy, and masters social work services (MSW).  

We have the experience and compassion in helping patients recover from physical disabilities that limit his/her function and movement.


About the Founder

In 1993, founder Ernest E. Rodriguez, was introduced to physical therapy in a very personal way.  His grandfather suffered a stroke and was admitted into a rehabilitation center.

Witnessing how these talented therapists worked towards regaining the mobility and rehabilitation of his grandfather, left a very profound impression on Ernest.

So much that Ernest decided to pursue a career in physical therapy.  He earned his Associates of Applied Science degree at St. Philip’s College in 1999.

The next six years he worked in the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation setting before transitioning in a home health setting as a staff therapist in 2004.

Ernest and his wife, Anna, have two children, Daniella and Carlo.




–To build and maintain a good rapport with patients and their families.

–To achieve a patient’s recovery and rehabilitation in a caring home health setting.




“To provide professional health care services for those who have lost mobility following an injury or due to an illness and to uplift the morale and empower their families in taking care and loving them, especially during this difficult period in their lives.”


If you have any questions, give us a call at 210-647-5300.

Area of Services provided include, but not limited to San Antonio and the surrounding areas.